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Quick Read: A Few Things I Have My Eye On…

March 9, 2018

Yesterday I intentionally left off link to similar pieces as I figured it was a good opportunity to review your own wardrobe without being bombarded by more shopping opportunities.    This is the complete opposite, it’s short and full of things that I have my eye on right now — give or take…!   I have lined up some pictures to show you what I feel these pieces would look like in context and have linked many more on the bottom!

This shade of blue is a favorite of mine.   The top left dress is by the same brand and so I think will feel similar — everything from them fits my shape comfortably and I have loved those pieces dearly.   The top right would be such a great one for summer and is my favorite color, off the shoulder is hit and miss for me but I think this would be worth a try on.   The bottom two (left, right) are shoe ins — a favorite length and long sleeves/fitted waist means that I am likely to love these two!

These four tops are great pieces to dress up or down.   I think I would wear the bottom piece the most as it’s neutral and easy.  The top I would love for France, the middle right I would love for work and weekends and I think the left pieces is fun and special.


Here are some other things I am admiring: