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Thanksgiving BAR BASICS

November 22, 2020


Lets face it, the year that we have had, we all deserve a stiff drink (or at least a delicious, refreshing mocktail if that’s our preferred route).

We never drink booze (save for the odd marg), we have all the bar from our wedding still with us seven years later!

Rather than celebrating alcohol, we were thinking this year more about changing the scene and marking an occasion.  A delicious new drink will freshen up your taste buds and the dynamic of dining in your bubble.

I’m pulling in my expert friend Brooks who owns Jack Rudy’s (a line of tonics, mixers, barware and soon pantry) and also several of my favorite Charleston restaurants. Brooks has an IGTV channel, “Brooks Cooks” which is amusing, approachable and hungry-making.

We filmed a FaceTime tutorial yesterday just to review the barware basics and to make a cocktail. Even better, Brooks taught me a ratio for cocktail making which applies across the board so I encourage you to take a look as soon as it’s live! I learned a lot and finished a whiskey drink for the first time in my life because it was truly so delicious.

I asked Brooks what the most barebones bar one could get away with for the holidays and here’s his list:

Bar Essentials





Tonic water

Soda water

Sweet Vermouth



Simple syrup


Here are your most important bar tools, granted I made it through our cocktail tutorial using a ramekin and my pelaton bottle as a shaker so, improvise if you must! Also, you can buy them in a sweet bundle via Jack Rudy’s here.

The bundle of all that you need. I hope they can ship it to you in time for Thanksgiving because it’s the highest quality and most fair price point too!
Elderflower tonic is my favorite flavor for a mocktail!
The branding of this tonic though!

As for the greatest cocktail trick i’ve ever learned, and the gold rush recipe, hang tight, coming tomorrow!