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Thanksgiving: Servingware

November 22, 2020


After you identify your menu, it’s great to walk through and allocate a dish for each item: a larger platter for the turkey, a bowl for mashed potatoes, a gravy boat, etc.   My aunt who used to host elaborate and enormous dinner parties taught me to label each dish with a post it note and to set them aside a few days before cooking begins.  It’s just one of those tasks you can take care of ahead of time which makes the whole experience easier.  

Of course this is a more flexible year so it’s less applicable.  With smaller households and intimate gatherings, surely your plates and regular bowls will suffice. 

Still, if you already have a collection underway, this is a great opportunity to use it, and if you don’t, here are some of my favorites:

beautiful, a worthy splurge! And it spins. because it’s a lazy susan.
Really into this.
Lovely, less expensive than up top.

Samesies — made from paper and less expensive than its friend upstairs
LOVE this whole collection, particularly this bowl and the cake stand!
These are great basics!
love love love.
pretty and versatile
blown glass, so hot rn!
a tea towel, random but lovely!
you know I love this whole Williams-Sonoma line !
Stars + Ralph = Win
One of our favorite and most used Le Creuset dishes — great for stuffing this year!

Large wooden salad bowl
salt cellars
very pretty tulip bowl