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Bermuda, P1

August 8, 2018

We love Bermuda!    My uncle lives on the Island and we have visited him over the years and have always been blown away by the beauty and splendor of the Island.    We hadn’t done much exploring by land (he has a boat so we do lots of snorkeling and diving off shore) until our last trip four years ago, and so it is a real pleasure to be back with a chance to see new spots and stay in a new place on the Island.    We were delighted by Hamilton Princess’s invitation to come stay at the updated hotel, and can’t wait to share more of what it’s like here.   For now,  I will just quickly fill you in on what we have been doing …

Those of you who follow us on social media might know that we had a big family wedding this past weekend in Southampton, NY.   It was an absolute dream and pleasure to watch my cousin who is also one of my favorite people marry the love of her life.   We spent five days with family and great friends and it was all over too quickly.   How lovely then for us to have this trip to look forward to, our own mini family “honeymoon” if you will.   I know that we travel often, but it is a real treat to be here just the three of us with nothing on the agenda except for rest and relaxation.   Of course I couldn’t resist a quick tour around the Island late yesterday morning as well…

Hamilton Princess couldn’t be more comfortable, and we have been spending lots of time at the beach club as well.  It is well set up for families with lots of toys, a playground, a restaurant which delivers right to your beach chair, and hammocks — a first for our little one!

As soon as we arrived the day before last, we headed out for a quick swim and early evening cocktail on the beach, followed by dinner in front of the harbor at the hotel.   It was a deeply relaxing way to kick off the next three days, and set the tone for the week.

Yesterday, we toured around the island, checking out every beach imaginable before quickly driving through the old village of St. George before sunset.  

Thank you to everybody for the generous recommendations, I look forward to spending even more time here in future so that I can check each one off the list! XX