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    Snaps from an English Garden

    June 14, 2018

    Just wanted to quickly share a few snaps with you.   We’re in England for the week visiting family and attending a dear friend’s wedding.  We’re heading back to France next week but it is so nice to pop over here, to my husband’s home country where I also have family.

    I love England in summer and there is nothing quite like the staggering beauty of an English garden.  Full of roses, peonies, lavender, this one is like a dream.    To step foot in it the first time nearly brought my to tears.

    Our son ran around happily all day yesterday alongside the three dogs that live here and it reminded me of how lovely it is to have a big garden to explore when you are little, and how much we would love to have him live a “country life” at least for part of the year.

    These yellow roses are even more breathtaking in person and might be my favorite, especially when covered in morning dew.   These were taken at sunset, which is so lovely and late here.   The golden light pours through the vines and it is a sight for sore eyes.

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