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Walls of Bougainvillea

May 25, 2017

France is in bloom right now!  After a day of stocking up on supplies and running errands for our guest arrivals on Friday, Will and I headed out for a sunset walk and a leisurely glass of wine in a nearby town.  We were amazed by an apparently endless sea of walls of Bougainvillea.  As I mentioned in my previous post, this seems to be prime time for French flowers.  Forgive me if these photos are a total overload, I just wanted to share with you guys because it is so spectacular — the colors, the light, the quiet streets…

I have been so excited to test out my new Sony camera.  I am really loving it so far!  I took a LOT of pictures of doorways with flowers — I know we all might feel we have seen this type of photo all too often but these are such exquisite examples, I had to share!  The town is also crawling with (terribly chic) wild cats, will make sure to grab some photos of them next time.  I wore my new dress which I picked up for this trip, it’s so lovely and feminine and made me feel fantastic!  It is on sale right now, too!

I am sure that we’re going to be heading back into town quite often — we go every morning to pick up croissants and fresh baguette for the day.  The bread is so fresh it only lasts until lunch, although Baby R seems intent on finishing it all off before then anyway.  We’re off to the beach today, can’t wait to show you guys the color of the sea! xx