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My Favorite Store on Earth!

May 26, 2017

We have a lot of family and friends arriving today and we’re so excited!  Will and I snuck off to the beach yesterday for a quick lunch and soak in the sun.  Le Club 55 is very special to me, my family has been coming here for generations.    Even though the day started a bit cool and overcast, I was so happy to take my spot in the sand, and to do some people watching while waiting for the sun to come out (which it did!).

At 55, you can have lunch in the restaurant (a super treat that we only do a few times per holiday) or you can grab a snack at the beach bar — also delicious.  The beach bar is conveniently located right next to the “55 shop” which is my favorite store on earth.   Rows and rows of pillows, bags, sarongs, bikinis, beach coverups, dresses, delicate jewelry and children’s toys are so elegantly layered into this tiny hut.  The collection blends together so well and makes it impossible to decide between one or another because honestly you’d really just like all of it!  It is all beautifully made, so soft and anything I have ever had the privilege of buying here, I have kept for years and years.  From what I can tell, none of these items can be found online (although I have tried to source similar ones).   It has long been a dream of mine to open up an online version of this store and to gather a similarly amazing collection.   Let me know if that sounds like a good plan to you!

Needless to say, we had lunch at the beach bar yesterday and spend a little bit of the afternoon in the shop ;).    We also met a some new friends at lunch, saw some amusing behind the scenes blogging (check out our insta-stories) and went for a dip in the sea.   A delightful day at the beach! xx