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  • Thanksgiving: Tabletop

    Laying the table is one of my favorite rituals, whether it’s for a regular Tuesday evening with the family or welcoming friends and family for the holidays (sadly not this year). To me, a…

    November 22, 2020
  • 5 Tips for Better Styling

    I love styling.   It plays a huge role in both our wedding and lifestyle photography and I think the more you practice, the better you get.    I recommend finding some photographs you really…

    April 6, 2018
  • How to Prepare For and Execute a Photoshoot

    Hi!    One of my many goals with this website is to help you learn how to execute your vision.    I really would love to be a resource for you to turn to when you’re…

    April 3, 2018
  • The Importance of Mood Boards

    We have a big post coming tomorrow on personal style and the value in your own closet and collection but I just wanted to quickly touch on one of my favorite business tools: mood…

    March 7, 2018
  • Photography Quickstart Guide, P2

    Hi All!   We started this series the week before last, in case you missed it here is the first post.   I’m going to review quite a bit in this post and hopefully answer some…

    February 5, 2018
  • Photography Quick Start Guide, P1

    Our goal is to help you take great snaps right out of the box!  We’re thrilled to launch this new series which breaks down some photography fundamentals and hopefully enables you to take the…

    January 23, 2018
  • All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks!

    I am so thrilled that you use this blog as a resource for photography tips.   For those of you who are newer to the site, I am a professional photographer by training (with a…

    January 9, 2018
  • Highlights of 2017!

    I know I am a bit behind the ball getting this highlights of 2017 post out so late; truth is, I didn’t think to sum up our past year because we have been busy…

    January 8, 2018