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Charleston Ritual: Winter Beach Walks

January 15, 2018

Sullivan’s Island is one of my favorite reasons for living here.   We discovered this very beach the weekend we came to visit, also in January, many years ago.   We were given a weekend getaway to Charleston as a wedding present and celebrated our first anniversary here (January 31st).   After a substantial night of celebration, a beach walk was in order and I was so grateful that this was the one we stumbled upon.   I remember that we walked for miles, for over an hour, all the way down the beach and back.   I couldn’t believe how wonderful it was to be able to be outside smelling the ocean and spotting dolphins all while wrapped up in just a big sweater and a light coat.   After moving, we always used a beach walk as our work break, and while it was a habit that quieted down a bit after our baby was born, it’s something that we’re excited to be picking back up again.  Luckily, the baby (or now toddler???) loves it too!

Charleston Ritual: Winter Beach WalksCharleston Ritual: Winter Beach Walk

As some of you know, we spent this Christmas at home while I recovered from a totally benign but nonetheless dramatic dental surgery (cue the eye roll).    We were due to travel to England to visit Will’s family but I had to get this taken care of.  We have never ‘skipped’ Christmas before (and of course we didn’t) but it was an amazing feeling to be home and totally switched off.  We ended up visiting Sullivan’s nearly every afternoon, throwing the football around or spotting dolphins.  We realized the importance of taking a bit of time out of our very scheduled lives just to relax and do the things we love — an obvious lesson but perhaps a healthy reminder as we roll into the new year!  I know that we’ll be spending lots more time here. xx

Charleston Ritual: Winter Beach Walk Charleston Ritual: Winter Beach WalkCharleston Ritual: Winter Beach WalkCharleston Ritual: Winter Beach Walk