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Pamper Yourself With These 5 Products

January 12, 2018

Some of you might know that we have had some of our best friends living with us for the past few months while their house is being renovated.    Honestly it has been one of the best period of our lives  — I don’t know what it’s going to be like when they go but I know that we will miss our family dinners and looking after one another.   There aren’t many people we could live with like this as adults but we are all very similar in habit and thoughtfulness and it has been such a joy.     We have found a balance and a rhythm of watching out for one another but really they have taken such tremendous care of us and it has been incredibly special.    I have been thinking a lot about what it feels like to move into a new house, that first night is so thrilling but equally displacing if all your belongings have been in storage for months and you’re not sure what is where.   I wanted to make a little basket of some of my favorite luxurious essentials which could see them through a first cozy night in their new home:  beautiful soft fluffy towels, soaps and candles, champagne and shampoo…

I turned to one of my favorite home companies, Annie Selke (#notsponsored).   While I was originally planning to mix and match, after spending a few hours on the site, I found that they had everything I needed.   I haven’t seen Rigaud candles since my childhood but know that it was a brand both my grandmother and my mother adored and luckily it came in my favorite scent: gardenia!   I know how much my dear friend loves lavender and so everything else I selected, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and the drawer and hanger satchels were all lavender based!   I added in the delicious bath salts (rose scent) — they are divine!!!!

The other thing that I am constantly on the hunt for but have trouble finding here in the States is bath sheets — they are much larger and more luxurious than a towel (they should drape from shoulder to toe and be enough to really wrap you up), perfect for the chillier winter months.  These are great!

I very much hope that this makes their first night at home extra special and I am certain that a little extra pampering after a long day’s move will be welcome. xxx