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Crash Course: Guide to St. Tropez

July 20, 2018

As promised here is our St Tropez guide. We have been spending summers in France (St. Tropez) since I was very little.    My earliest memories are of the crowded, hot market, weaving my way through the crowds hand in hand with my older cousin.    We still love to visit the market and I find that in May/June when we visit, it’s far less crowded than it is in mid-August.   Still, I recommend going early if you can, everything is just a bit easier that way.  It is on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7:30-1:30 and is full of lots of delicious food, spices, linens, lavender, soaps, jewelry, clothes, homewares and linens — jackpot!    Here is a little glimpse into what it looks like:

St Tropez guide - Market Day on Tuesdays & Saturday St Tropez guide - spice stand at the market St Tropez guide - market days St Tropez guide - Lucy enjoying the marketLucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Nuts! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - local olives! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Buy Flowers Here!

Market days also make the village very busy, so if I am going to run errands or spend a day in St. Tropez, I tend to avoid those days if I can.    A lot of shops close after lunch, say from 1-4, but they stay open very late which can make for a fun early evening activity.    My favorite clothing shops are:   Des Petite Hauts, LULU, Baar & Bass, Gas Bijoux, By Marie, Zimmermann, BLABLA & Sunday.    There’s also a little shop which says Dupuis 1903 which has great presents (both men & women) and staples for the wardrobe and home.

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Charming Back StreetsLucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Incredible Boutiques!

Inside Baar & Bass (above & below):

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Another Fave Shop!

Shop window of Dupuis 1903:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - essentials! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Get Your Espadrilles Here!

Inside Petite Hauts, below:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Cashmere Shopping! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Une Velo!

A great candle shop on one of my favorite quiet streets in the village above and BLABLA’s storefront below:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - BlaBla, a great store Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lulu, made for me!

LULU above which sits close to the Dior house & the new Zimmerman St. Tropez HQ!

Besides that, we spend a lot of time wandering through the flowery cobblestone streets, eating tomato sandwiches from street vendors, and ice cream from Barbarac in the port — a must, and it melts quickly!!!  Honestly we eat at the house most of the time so don’t do long dinners in town, but when I was younger we used to go to the Les Caves nightclub — not sure if it’s cool or not anymore but I love a good night of dancing so might be fun regardless!

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - shopping with ice cream! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - at the town quay Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - small harbor with big boats

Here I am in the port which is always full of fun boats to look at, I love it when giant wooden sailboats come in! MORE TRAVEL TIPS COMING! XXX

Thank you for following our St Tropez guide.


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    Wow, I want to visit / do everything on your List! Thank you so so much for sharing!!! 🙂

  • Reply Natalie July 10, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    What is the candle store called? Awesome post by the way 🙂

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