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Quick Post: My Top 5 Summer Staples

July 19, 2018

I’m not going to lie, I brought a lot of clothes to France this year.   Partly because it was a long trip, but also because I knew that there would be so many events and occasions on which I would wish to wear x or y.   It might have been a bit overkill, and I actually prefer to pack in a more efficient way (lesson learned) because no matter how much I bring with me, I tend to slip into a routine of rotating only a few items most of the time – my summer staples.    For me, this year, it was a handful of one piece bathing suits, my linen trousers, two pairs of shoes, and kaftans.

My top 5 Summer Staples - hanging with Ellie

This soft pink Solid & Striped suit was my most worn (sadly from last season but I found some similar fits below) even though it is old and had previously gone untouched it became one of my summer staples.    Maybe my figure has changed from when I bought it, but I definitely felt my best in it this year and found that I reached for it a lot.    It helped that it went well with my favorite sarong — I have had so many questions about this one;  it is from the 55 store and I am looking for similar ones to stock for this site as I can’t find elsewhere!

My top 5 Summer Staples - most worn bathing suits My top 5 Summer Staples - best suits! My top 5 Summer Staples - these white linen pants!

Next, my high-waisted linen trousers were my go-to bottoms.   I wore them with everything from a white button town (men’s, women’s, you name it), to a white tee shirt, nude top for evening, and of course over all my suits.   I absolutely love these and anything linen for the heat.

My top 5 Summer Staples - worked with everything!

My top 5 Summer Staples - I wore this cover dress a thousand times!

I wore this particular dress about ten thousand times when I was in France, perhaps more than anything.   It was the perfect throw over for any time of day from the market to the beach to a long lunch.   I had to stop myself from wearing it even more than I already had!


My top 5 Summer Staples - these sandals were amazing!

Last, these two pairs of shoes, these sandals and these loafers, along with a handful of espadrilles that I picked up from the market in France, were the only shoes I wore really.    I found that the white loafers were so versatile and a really great purchase for the trip!!   A nice way to upgrade from my normal white sneaker style… XX

My top 5 Summer Staples - So were these white flats!