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A Quick Visit to Daylesford!

August 13, 2018

Have you been to this magical place??? My aunt Leslie told me about it.   We stayed with her earlier in the summer while we were in England.   We had taken a day trip to the Cotswolds and over dinner that evening, she asked if we had stopped at Daylesford.  “What’s that?” I asked.   She couldn’t believe that we didn’t know, and turned us around with full directions the next morning.   I am so so so happy that she did…

To put it lightly, Daylesford might be my favorite lifestyle destination on Earth, or at least that I have visited so far.   It is an organic farm with a beautiful pantry,  full of delicious goods from local honey to beautiful freshly baked bread, a spa, a restaurant, a home goods shop, a clothing shop, a flower store (and school) and you can take cooking courses and there is a sweet restaurant and little b&b attached, too….basically it’s everything and more and if I had a dream, this would be it.   I cannot wait to spend more time there, they have really hit the nail on the head, from the fresh, open air and light-filled spaces to the music which is perfectly suited to putting on an apron and getting out the cutting boards…

I love that there is both a children’s section and an organic cleaning products (in such chic packaging) section of the shop…

My only regret was that our visit was too brief.   Luckily, it is very close to Oxford, which is where my husband’s family lives, and where we spent the most time when we visit.   I will be back!   If I lived in the area, I would be there several times a week…

I went weak at the knees when I discovered the flower shop.   I was already sold after visiting the pantry and the homewares store, and then I passed through and was actually looking for Will when I stumbled across it, cock full of beautiful English summer flowers and beautiful books.

There’s a chilly cheese room in the pantry… I’m not even a cheese-enthusiast the way most of my friends are and I was SOLD!

Our visit was all to brief but believe me, we will be back….!!

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    Such beautiful photos!

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