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Eden Rock, St. Barths

August 21, 2017

Will and I are on a quick trip down to the Caribbean to work on an upcoming Fine Art series.   We sailed from St. Martin to St. Barths and fell in love with the Island right away.  St. Barths is a beautiful mix of France and the Caribbean — the island is absolutely breathtaking, the people are charming and welcoming and the food is phenomenal.  The beaches have been some of the best I have ever visited, and we have loved every minute of being here (despite missing our baby terribly!).  After wrapping up our series, we spent the day celebrating at Eden Rock, one of the Island’s oldest establishments.  It is a legendary hotel where we found the staff to be so inclusive and welcoming, the food delicious and the beach inviting and lovely, even in the pouring rain. We loved our experience here.

I love a long french lunch but I also love settling on to a daybed on the beach and being able to dip in and out of the sea.  Will and I immediately ordered smoothies (they have a juice bar) and a bottle of rosé and spend the morning swimming and playing cards.  We went out on paddle boards and did a bit of snorkeling between rain storms — heaven!   I met a lovely women in St. Tropez this summer who was wearing a wonderful bathing suit which I complemented; she very kindly introduced me to this brand, Andres Sarda, who very kindly sent this red one and I LOVE it. It is an amazing fit!  Because it has inbuilt support, I find that it feels both very flattering and comfortable all while feeling distinctly feminine and very European — definitely worth investing in!

Needless to say, we have so enjoyed our time here and I can’t wait to show you a bit more of the Island and of course, our new pieces! xx