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Making Smoothies with Roller Rabbit!

August 16, 2017

Introducing our baby to solid foods has been one of my favorite stages so far.  I love watching him try new things and his reactions always make me giggle.  We find meal time to be lovely, social family time.  Recently we have started to do a bit of ‘light’ cooking together.  The baby is so interested in the way things work — from putting a cap on a bottle to making sure his toys are all in the same same basket, he loves to participate. He really made me laugh when we were making this video because after watching me put ingredients in the blender, he surprised us by wanting to do it himself!

Our little baby absolutely loves smoothies.  He delights from drinking from a straw and while he isn’t too interested in fresh ripe fruit on its own, he absolutely love it cool and blended up together!  I also love smoothies and while it would just be a small part of his breakfast or a snack, I often have them for breakfast on the go.  In this video below, we show you a sweet easy recipe and how to take it from child-friendly to adult ready.  We are also wearing our soft, delicious and matching pima cotton pajamas from Roberta Roller Rabbit which are so comfortable and cute — I adore them!!

Video edited by Nick Blatt.