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Hydrangea Series:  Behind the Scenes

April 26, 2017

As the wedding season heats up and I have found myself surrounded by flowers every weekend, I have been so looking forward to shooting the next flower series for our Fine Art Print collection. I have often been asked to do a Hydrangea series, a flower so well loved because of its astonishing color hues, large generous blooms and its longevity both in fresh and dried arrangements.  I particularly love the variated shades of blue, which range from a delicate lilac to duck egg that fades into soft cream, as well as the cabbage patch lime green shades that are tinged with pink fading into soft brown as the blooms age.  So, I decided to shoot these favorites for the first if the Hydrangea series and am excited to see how beautifully the prints will enhance most color schemes, from blues to neutrals to whites, and will add both beauty and warmth to any room.

girl with hydrangeas Lucy Cuneo previewing hydrangeas for her fine art flower series

Before launching the prints I thought it would be fun to show you a little of the process.   Here you can see the colors I was working with and, because of their large size, I needed only hundreds rather than thousands of blooms to film the prints.  Happily, therefore, I could work at home, taking over my porch for a couple of days, rather than in a huge warehouse shooting thousands of the smaller roses and peonies from a 10′ ladder.  This time, I only tottered dangerously off a 5′ ladder!

Hydrangeas in blue and white on a chairLucy Cuneo previewing hydrangeas for her fine art flower series

The Queen Anne’s Lace, in a variety of colors, are not for the prints — I use them so much in flower arrangements for the house that I almost always have a few waving from buckets waiting to be dressed for the table.  In the final picture, you can see a simple arrangement I made for the dining room table — I love the mass of hydrangea blooms overlaid with the delicate fronds of Chocolate Lace.

Lucy Cuneo previewing hydrangeas for her fine art flower seriesTight shot of a floral arrangement including and Queen Anne's Lace