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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 27, 2017

As many of you know, Baby R’s arrival makes this my first Mother’s Day and, as they say,  “my cup runneth over” with happiness.  As much as we were told how deeply we would fall in love with our son and with parenthood, we didn’t realize the new level of joy that he brought into our lives overnight.  Now, suddenly a proud mother, it just doesn’t seem that long ago that I was tottering up to my own mother’s room with her breakfast tray, very much hoping she wouldn’t notice that her cup runneth over too…!

Lucy Cuneo celebrating Mother's Day with her sonLucy Cuneo celebrating Mother's Day with her sonLucy Cuneo celebrating Mother's Day with Roberta Roller Rabbit pyjamasMother's Day gift ideas

Still, by posting this before the great day, I’m dropping the heavy hint that there is very little more pampering than being brought a beautiful tray in bed, filled with your favorite breakfast and presented as invitingly as possible.  Who would not love seeing these plates from the Williams-Sonoma Aerin Collection?  And, if you are including only a few breakfast treats (for me, anything beyond coffee moves from essential to bonus…), placing an oversized vase of flowers on the tray changes them from pretty decoration to a beautiful morning present.  Of course, if the mother in your life wants the “full American”, you can still find a space for the perfect single flower or small arrangement in a simple bud vase.   No flowers available? No problem.  This would look beautiful on any tray!

Lucy Cuneo celebrating Mother's Day with her sonPima cotton pyjamas from Roberta Roller Rabbit - Mothers Day gift idea

Perhaps one thing more pampering than seeing your family bring in breakfast, is waiting for them in beautiful pajamas that make you feel both comfortable and feminine and, for that, these are very hard to beat.  They make me happy just to look at and even more to wear them and, of course, would make the perfect Mother’s Day present too!  Waiting for everybody to underneath a dreamy beach photograph isn’t too shabby either!

Lucy Cuneo Celebrating Mother's Day with her son