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Inside Our Camera Bag

May 23, 2017

Hi all! We have received a lot of inquires about what camera equipment we use so I thought I would share a list of our cameras with you as well as a breakdown of how we use them.   We work with many camera systems: Leica, Contax, Pentax, Canon, Sony and the iPhone 7+.   I studied photography throughout high school and college and have a Masters in Photography from SCAD.

Those of you who are familiar with our wedding work know that we are “hybrid” shooters; this means that we shoot with both medium format film (as in ‘old school’ methods, not video) and with digital gear, too.   For weddings, engagement sessions and family portraits, I work with two Contax 645 bodies with 80 mm lenses and I shoot with two types of film:  Fuji 400H and Ilford Delta 3200 (both 120).  I send all of our film to Richard Photo Lab in California, we have our own color profile set up with them (feel free to test it out). I prefer the Nortisu scanner for most of our work — it’s fast and I love the way it looks, particularly with soft backlight.    I also use a Canon Mark iii and Mark IV for weddings, mostly after dark and for receptions.  I love shooting on very high ISO for the glowy, grainy look.  I use video lights and flashes for dancing.  I often shoot on a 30th or even a 15th (or 8th!) of a second inside — risky I know but I love the way the images turn out.

I also shoot our Fine Art Series on our film cameras and also use our medium format digital camera — the Pentax 645Z.  I love it, the images are huge and you can do a lot with them when editing.  I find it a bit slow and clunky and unmanageable for weddings.  In my opinion, it works best when we are staging a scene and I have it on a tripod.  I used it a bit for our Serena & Lily nursery shoot.   Most of our recent commercial work which I have used this camera for is still under wraps but I will share when it’s out.  For now, here is an image we took for our Fine Art Series (it hangs above our bed and prints beautifully):

Swiftly moving on then, I love love love my Leica M and 35 mm lens — most of the images you see on our Instagram and blog are shot with this camera!  Here are a few examples:

We just bought the Sony RXRII and I am excited to use it as my everyday point and shoot.  I also love using my iPhone 7+!  xx