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Sunday in Brooklyn

May 22, 2017

We’re off to France tonight and are so excited about it!  We decided to break up our flights and to stay in New York City for a few days to make it easier on the baby.   I am from here and my mother still lives here (feels very much like home).  Luckily we have a place to perch and lots of friends to see.  We woke up the most beautiful summer weather yesterday and so after a quick breakfast in the hood, we decided to head to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.   It was my first visit and I was totally blown away.  We just missed the Cherry Blossoms but there is a sea of Spanish Bluebells right now and it is enchanting!  They are my favorite color too so I am very pleased with our timing.

We had such a fun time spending the weekend with Baby R.  I have worked three out of the past four weekends (and during the week) and so have missed spending a full day with him really for the last month.  I love working but I have been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.  He is a joy to spend time with him and he loves being together as a family.  He thinks it’s hilarious/shocking when Will and I kiss and it makes us all laugh.  Spending time as a family in bed in the morning is such a luxury, I felt quite emotional about not spending so much time away from him again — these months are so precious.

There were also so many beautiful flowers that I hadn’t seen before, we ended up wandering around for several hours.  The baby took a leisurely nap in his sling and then loved looking at all the colors and people, too.  One thing that we’ve been struck by is that even in a city like New York, everybody loves to say hello to the baby.  He is greeted by all types of people and met with such warmth and kindness, he softens even the most stern face.  We can’t walk down a street or into a shop without several people saying hello.  This is so unlike my previous experience in the City and is just lovely, it really enhanced our weekend.  I can see that this would be a fun city to be in as a young family.

Despite the fact that it was a beautiful Sunday in New York and that the gardens felt very full, the park never felt crowded or overwhelming.   It was such a perfect way to pass an afternoon — I highly recommend it! xx