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Martha’s Vineyard: Casual Elegant Garden Dinner

August 10, 2017

I love how wild, unkempt and abundant Martha’s Vineyard is.  There are miles and miles of rolling countryside farms, dunes spilling onto the most beautiful broad beaches; the produce is fresh and plentiful in the summer season, and the most prestigious estates are tucked so far up unmarked dirt roads that one would never find them.  It is poetic and understated, simple and untamed.  We thought it deserved an equally set table, basic and beautiful with natural fibers and flowers cut from the garden.   I have been watching the streamy, soft evening light since we arrived and was thrilled to invite friends into it, and next time I’d love to candle light the entire path.

We’ve been making fresh tomato salads and big green ones from the local lettuce, grilling fresh fish and quickly boiling corn.  It’s the food I crave year round, topped off with a local pie and vanilla ice cream — delicious!  We spend the days playing with the baby, swimming in the sea, and visiting the nearby towns. Most of the day is spent in bathing suits and cover-ups or our running gear.  To me, Martha’s Vineyard style calls for feminine, flowy, floral dresses (and mostly no shoes — or maybe cowboy boots!).  I’ll throw on a big, soft knee length cardigan for the cooler evenings or a jean jacket and a scarf — it all feels terribly 90’s and I love it!

I can’t wait to come back in October; we love visiting in the fall because the days feel like summer but the nights are so cool we can cozy up by a blazing fire.  The Island empties out a bit and we have the wild, unruly beach front all to ourselves.