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American Summer: Sailing on Martha’s Vineyard!

August 11, 2017

Ah to be back on the water!!  It has been ages but we finally made it out thanks to our dear family friend who owns this spectacularly beautiful boat and who so generously lent it to us for the afternoon to sail!! It was MAGNIFICENT!  Will is a sailor (was a sea captain for many years) and was so happy.  I also love to sail but watching him in his element was my highlight!  The sun on our faces and the breeze in our hair was also lovely.  We are going on a week long sailing trip just the two of us next week so it was the perfect preparation.  We went out with Captain Mike who is not only a fantastic sailor and outdoorsman but also a professional commercial photographer!  We giggled along as he snapped our photo and used our complicated camera with such ease.  All in all it was the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon, a little rosé included!

This might be one of my favorite days we have spent on the Vineyard.   We had a nice stroll in town before setting sail and discovered a new local shop called the Larter. We bought sandwiches and snacks for the trip (i’ll be sharing a little guide to our local finds soon!).  Being out on the boat was so relaxing, I had forgotten how wonderful it feels.   We were caught in the middle of a local race and I loved watching the other beautiful boats pass by too.

We sailed around the harbor for three hours, there wasn’t a huge amount of wind which was the best way to ease back onto our sea legs.  I know that next week will be a bit of a transition for us since we’re both out of practice and I am so excited about it.  We finished up around 6 just as the sun was starting to come down; the light in the harbor was a beautiful shade of gold.