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My Favorite Charleston Streets

February 22, 2018

There is so much to see and do in Charleston but one thing that cannot be missed is a tour of the historic district.   I don’t think that you need to sign up for any particular one, in fact I think the best thing to do is to grab a cup of coffee and to get lost among Charleston’s most beautiful streets and hidden alleyways, on foot or by bicycle.   I have a few streets that I never miss showing out of town visitors; I’d love to share them with you so that if you do visit, you will have an insider’s view on where to head first in this breathtaking city.

South of Broad is the most notable neighborhood.   It is almost entirely residential and chock-full of Charleston’s most beautiful houses, each one more delicious than the next.    Tradd street runs parallel to broad and is famous for its beautiful, candy colored houses and overflowing window boxes.   The most photographed houses in Charleston are arguably on Tradd street.    Will and I always joke that there is one block which is like a blogger’s row with every color backdrop imaginable: pink, blue, cream, yellow.   I usually start on the East Bay side and make my way down past Rainbow Row, wander down the battery and then come back up via Water and Church, two of my favorites.  And I lied about entirely residential because Goat. Sheep. Cow. is there and a great place to grab a sandwich.   From there I love lower Meeting and King streets, Atlantic and Ladson.     My most favorite though is Legare.  It’s a bit more off the beaten path and always seems to be quiet.  It’s a spectacular, open street with some of the most grand homes in Charleston.  Peeking through to the sprawling gardens is a must, here is house that is for sale there just to give you an idea!

From there I typically pop out to the Battery by turning right on South Battery and then heading down one of the many streets which lead there.  It’s a great place to end up for a sunset stroll as it happens right there.    You’re likely to see lots of sail boats gliding by and keep a look out for dolphins, they are everywhere and are magnificent.