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New Season Favorites

September 7, 2017

Traveling has been amazing but to be home for a week has been lovely.  I had a busy but quiet week at home packing up summer clothes and doing a fall clear out, organizing the office and catching up on long overdue work.   I am off to Napa for the weekend to photograph a wedding but am re-routing (I think) to come home Sunday because of the Hurricane so that I can help my husband get ready for evacuation.  My thoughts are going out to everybody in the Islands.

Here are a few fall favorites I have stocked up on:

I have been using the Tata Harper products for over a week now and am already seeing results.  I started with the eye cream and immediately went out and bought the moisturizer and the mask.  I also love the cheek and lip tint (very nice or very charming) and use it daily — it’s one of the only products I put on when I am giving my skin a break from makeup.

I always love a Baies candle for fall, it is so cozy and delicious.

One of the reasons I love living in Charleston is the mild winter, it’s still chilly enough to pull on sweaters and coats but it rarely frosts and we spend those months outside.  I love wearing light colored sweaters: creams, baby blues, pinks and grays and particularly love this scarf (in cornflower blue) and sweater I just picked up.

Last but not least, these black velvet pumps are a staple, I love velvet and am glad that it’s back in this season!