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St. Barth’s Itinerary

September 5, 2017

We’ve been home from St. Barth’s for just over a week now and I am still thinking about it every day!  I totally fell in love with the Island: the beauty, the people, the food and the sea.  I can’t wait to go back next spring and hope to make a regular annual visit.  Will and I originally were planning to travel around from Island to Island by boat but we hit a lot of bad weather and so were land locked on St. Barth’s (the best place to get “stuck”).  Before I tell you about our favorite spots on the Island, I want to say that we stayed at the sweetest little hotel on St. Martin which I would totally recommend: clean, chic, comfortable and friendly on the beach, it is called Le Petit Hotel (and this is totally unsponsored!).  You can also visit the sister hotel and hang by the pool, which is exactly what we did the day we arrived fresh off of our flight and early morning departure.

We then walked down the beach to a fantastic restaurant (some of the best food we have had in the Caribbean) called Ocean 82 and had fresh vegetables and fish which is just what we needed after a day of travel.  We arrived early the next morning to collect our boat through the Moorings.

After a briefing, we set sail for St. Barth’s.  It was very windy so we arrived much earlier than anticipated and stayed the night at Colombier before motoring into the harbor the next morning.  It was so much fun to spend a night on the boat, we were both so out of practice.  We cooked a meal on board, swam until dark, played cards and slept under the stars.  The next morning we swam to shore early to start our series but were hit by major tropical storms so we retreated to the boat and made our way slowly into the harbor.  Below are some iPhone pictures, including our cloudy but beautiful sunset on the water.

We had a brief, beautiful rainbow between storms — this was the view on docks from our boat.  We were drenched through though and so ended up moving into a hotel, Tom Beach, which we loved!! It was SO reasonable, comfortable, and we were really well looked after.  The hotel has a beach restaurant and the planes fly directly overhead (it feels like only a few feet above).

Because we were working, we didn’t do much relaxing during the day until the end (not that the whole trip wasn’t incredibly spoiling).  We lived out of Mayas to Go which was fabulous!! We loved it so much we went to Mayas for dinner (delicious) and comforting.  We also ate Tamirin, Bagatelle and Bonito (my favorite interior) — we LOVED them all!  We had lunch at Eden Rock and wish we had a chance to go to Cheval Blanc for lunch but it was all booked up.   I can’t wait to go back and to visit Le Toiny for lunch or a stay — the rooms look amazing, like everything I would wish for in a hotel.   Below is an iPhone snap of the interior of Bonito:

We visited every beach on Island (some too briefly) — it is just spectacular, every single one is different and equally beautiful in my opinion. I also loved simply driving around with the roof down.

Before we knew it, we were back on the boat.  We spent our last night on St. Martin at Tintamarre which was breathtaking and had another delicious sleep under the stars.  We were eager to get home but I can’t wait to go back with our whole family.

Here are some pieces I wore as well as some more that I would like to grab for the next time we go … xxx