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May 24, 2020

Our bathroom is probably our least favorite spot in the house (we bought a new construction home and can’t wait to re-do it one day). These simple steps serve to make the tub all the more cozy and set you up for a glorious night of much deserved relaxation! Plus all the bath products we use are not expensive and can be found at your local grocery or pharmacy…

I have been using this foaming lavender shower gel from Whole Foods as bath bubbles for years (can’t link to it but found a similar brand). It’s a great large bottle and creates glorious bubbles so I stock up on it and then transfer it to a prettier glass container (on sale). Same goes for the Epsom Salts — I buy them in bulk from Whole Foods (and Amazon) and decant them into a prettier container with a scoop (this one comes from our kitchen storage) or pretty spoon.

Small vintage plates can be used as the perfect soap dish and the soap saver sponges allows the bar to dry properly so that it doesn’t get all mushy/disintegrate. This french soap line is a favorite (also can be found at Whole Foods), they are a good deal, smell great and they last for ages.

Top it off with fluffy clean towels, flowers and candlelight, dim the lights and voila, the perfect bath time ritual awaits!