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Recipe for Perfect Relaxation

January 29, 2018

I was recently asked about how I handle self-care.   I would say that I am no stranger to it; I really believe in looking after oneself (body and mind) in order to put one’s best foot forward into the world.   Of course in the tangle of day to day life these best intentions are easily lost.  I do have one habit though which always prevails: a delicious, hot bubbly bath.

Perhaps because of my English upbringing, or because I have lived in so many little quirky apartments that only had a bath, I find that it is something that I really crave.   I try to take one every night, which translates into 3-4 nights a week, 5 if I am lucky ( I take a shower every morning, too!! ) …   I thought I would share some of my favorite tricks which make it even more luxurious.

(1)  Salts and bubbles.   This Santa Maria Novella bubble bath was a 30th birthday present from one of my childhood best friends (she picked it up in Italy for me… amazing).   Of course it’s a treat, but I default to the lavender one from Whole Foods for every day use which I transfer into a prettier glass bottle.  I also love their Dead Sea salts and epsom salts are so great too, especially after hard exercise.  (2)  Lighting the candles is a lovely thing to do.  (3) Stock up on beautiful soaps.  It’s nice to have on hand for guests too, and it doesn’t always need to be a huge investment.  These South of France soaps from Whole Foods are so delicious and easy to grab, I particularly love the Shea Butter and Gardenia scents.  I have been using them since college!  (4) Add eye patches!  I am using these bad boys every night now and love how luxe they feel.   If i miss my bath I use them while I read in bed and I leave them on way longer than the instructed 15 minutes.  (5) A face mask would also be nice … (6) A huge glass of icy water.  Essential.  (7) Almond oil/coconut oil afterwards.  The bath is dehydrating!

I know that this all might sound superfluous and hard to make time for, but I really do find that it helps me reset and encourages deeper sleep! xx