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Sunday Evening in the Garden

July 3, 2017

We love spending the Fourth of July with family in the Northeast.  I have been here the last few days with my mother and the baby while my husband has been in England.  It was our first weekend without ‘dada’ and we spent our days walking into town and sharing smoothies and taking long swims in the pool.  Will arrived back last night in time for a lovely sunset.  This garden is one of my favorites in the world; it has a rose wrapped doorway, lavender lined gravel paths, and an orchard.  I couldn’t wait to show Will; we’re in the process of planning ours in Charleston and this is the perfect inspiration.

Spending time up here has made me miss the Northeast summers.  It has been beautifully hot and dry, with perfect swimming temperatures during the day and evenings cool enough to pull on a cozy sweater.  We have been having long meals outside lit only by candlelight.  The lanterns above hold pillar candles and surround the porch.

How amazing to have such a beautiful, large garden.  Ours is much smaller but we’re drawing lots of inspiration from here! More soon! xx