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Quick Snapshots of Gassin

July 4, 2017

On one of our final evenings in France, Will and I took a quick trip over to the hilltop town of Gassin for an evening walk.  Having spent so much of my childhood visiting this region, I am surprised that I had never visited this incredibly charming village. Gassin sits very close to St. Tropez but is on the very top of a mountain and has an incredible view of the valley and sea.  On the drive up the hill, we passed the Minuty vineyard — one of my favorite rosés.  The town is very quiet and residential but has a collection of lovely outdoor and very busy restaurants at the very top.  Next summer we will definitely take the time to have dinner here —  totally worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Gassin, France guideGassin, France guideGassin, France guideGassin, France guideGassin, France guide

Like so many of these French villages, Gassin was heaving with early summer flowers — a photographer’s dream.  It is a bit more rugged than Grimaud but equally picturesque.  The golden light of the evening was so enchanting, I wish we could have stayed a bit longer but baby bath time and the promise of a leisurely dinner at home was beckoning. Still, I would recommend this village to any traveler.  We will be putting together our local guide shortly ! xx

Gassin, France guideGassin, France guideGassin, France guide Gassin, France guide