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    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks!

    January 9, 2018

    I am so thrilled that you use this blog as a resource for photography tips.   For those of you who are newer to the site, I am a professional photographer by training (with a Masters from SCAD) and have been working in the field ever since.   I love that this blog allows us to shoot what we feel most passionately about and it is such a pleasure to work on it, thanks to you all!  I also love helping teach about photography and would love to hear more about what you’re eager to learn — I am an open book and wish to enable each and every one of you to take your best photographs yet.  I had a lot of questions yesterday after our 2017 round up and so wanted to gather everything that we have produced so far in one place for you so that you can dive in and then let me know what else you might wish to know.   We did do a Q&A last summer which covered some reader questions, let me know if there’s any more photography tips you’d like to learn!

    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks - Woman photographing flowers with a film camera

    Some great starter articles are 5 ways to take more flattering photos and 10 ways to boost creativity.

    For the more technical posts, it might be best to start with an exploration of what is in our camera bag.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re just starting out, I absolutely love giving feedback on the best cameras to invest in and I ADORE my iPhone, in fact here is a post on how to shoot with the iPhone AND how to edit (complete with video) in my favorite editing APP, VSCO.   Here is some additional info on other editing tools I use for iPhone pics…

    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks - Woman photographing historic buildings in France

    Here are a few tutorials on how to shoot and figure out what you’re doing in the moment.  It might be best to start with 5 ways to maximize your photoshoot, and then to move on to this post about how to shoot in challenging conditions, understanding light, and how to photograph all day long .  Any photographer will tell you that it’s best to shoot as close to sunrise or sunset as possible for the most flattering, golden light but we know it’s not always possible and that tutorial covers a bit more on shooting all day long.    This post covers some composition basics for eye popping instagram posts!

    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks - woman in blue dress photographing pastel buildings in France

    For our professional images, I use Lightroom for 99% of our editing and I have created a video with how I edit at the bottom of this post on editing photos for social media.   I would follow that with editing photos for brand consistency  as this is a very important topic when you’re building an online presence!

    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks - Woman photographing historic buildings in France on a cobblestone road

    I know that we all love a good flatlay, I broke down a few of the things I think about when creating one here.

    I hope these photography tips help, and as always, feel free to leave any questions below !! xx

    All Our Best Photography Tips & Tricks - baby wearing red checked pajamas holding a Leica camera in bed

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