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Dreamy Bedding with Matouk Linens

December 20, 2017

I believe that a bedroom should be a sanctuary.   We try to make ours the most peaceful room in the house, set up for total relaxation.  For us, this means lovely, cozy bedding chock full of pillows, great books on the nightstand, photos of family, as much natural light as we can muster, and the bare minimum of technology.

Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - Woman laying on luxurious bedding

As a child, among the grownups – when the conversation turned to bedding linens (as it surprisingly frequently did), the highest praise was always reserved for Matouk.  I quickly realized that one brand stood alone as the benchmark against which all others are measured.   When the time came for a freshen up of our bedroom there was only one name in my mind.

I remember our first Matouk pieces which were given to us by my Aunt who monogramed towels for Christmas the year we were married.  They were our most treasured linens; we brought them out on special occasions and when guests were coming over to have dinner in our out in our one bedroom one bathroom apartment.   We still have them and use them as often as possible, they are luxurious and long lasting.

Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - Scalloped edged pillows Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - Woman in bed with scalloped monogrammed pillowDreamy Bedding with Matouk - Pastel blue pillows and linens with scalloped edges on a bed

Selecting our bedding was tough because there are so many collections which I love.  Ultimately, the scalloped edge of the Butterfield is my favorite.  They are subtle and remind me of my childhood in England.    I knew a whole bed of lavender was a reach for my husband but the subtle edges against the light blue diamond pique make for a peaceful, soft bed.  I think it’s a highly personal decision but what’s so great about Matouk is that you can ring their showroom and they can help you make a great selection to ensure all goes well together.

We have road tested these sheets for a couple of cycles now, and honestly they are everything that I dreamed they would be. Bedtime is earlier than ever and the snooze cycle runs those extra few loops – each morning feels that little bit more like the weekend.

Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - Woman making the bed with luxurious linens Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - A light blue, monogrammed pillow with scalloped edges Dreamy Bedding with Matouk - White pillows with scalloped edges on a bedDreamy Bedding with Matouk - Woman sitting in bed surrounded by light blue bedding