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Dreamy Routine: Spring Flowers for the Garden

March 2, 2018

We had my mother in town last weekend which was so lovely and fun.   We spent much of our time upgrading the house — mom is a genius in that department!   The upstairs room (which is quite large) sat empty after we moved our office furniture downtown, and we managed to pull together a cozy family/playroom which has been a real highlight.   We painted frames and hung art; all my mother’s simple little touches are my favorite and I always…

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Charleston Entertaining Home Style

Blue & White Spring Table

February 26, 2018

With the lovely spring weather setting in, we spent as much of this past weekend as possible outside.   We kicked off Friday night (and my mother’s arrival) with an intimate dinner outside on the front porch.   Since we do not have a dining table outside, I pulled a desk from upstairs which suited but is very narrow and didn’t allow much space for a centerpiece.   I find that people actually don’t mind being squished together — it adds to the…

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Home Personal Tutorial

How and Why to Develop a Three Year Plan

February 16, 2018

I know that this post is a bit of a departure from our regular content but I find this exercise so constructive, I think it’s worth sharing.   I know that so many of you also run your own businesses, but even on a personal level, this exercise can be very clarifying so I recommend it to anyone, no matter what stage of life. Just over three years ago, Will and I took a crash course in business.  It was a…

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Charleston Entertaining Home

Easy Weekend Entertaining Techniques

February 15, 2018

We have visitors a lot, we love it.  There is something about living in a warmer climate and a dreamy city which seems to draw in an endless stream of family and friends.    Here is how I prepare for guests to make sure that it is an easy, relaxed trip with very little stress for either party. First, prep the house.   I like to keep the guest room ready to roll so that if a friend decides to crash…

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Charleston Home Style Tables

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Table

February 12, 2018

I loved pulling this setting together so much!  It’s a combination of my favorite colors, textures and a blend of beach-y St. Barth’s vibes meets English Countryside (see pillows/tulips/garden stool).    Setting this scene was an afternoon of bliss, I love nothing more than throwing on my music (hello tropical house) and pulling from what I already have in the house.  This might be the most extreme example of that because I used the tiles which just arrived for our…

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Charleston Entertaining Home Style

A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting

February 8, 2018

This post began as a plan to share some of my favorite things that I inherited from my grandmother and where to find them now.   I receive a lot of questions about where certain pieces of furniture, plates, glass, silver and fabric are from.  Most of them have been passed down from my mother’s collection that she inherited from my late grandmother.   I know that this isn’t a particularly useful answer in the context of wondering where something specific is…

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