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Romance by the Sea

August 30, 2018

I love this dock, and being by the sea, in all weather.   We have spent many summer nights here gazing at the stars and cozy freezing nights snuggled up under what feels like a thousand blankets with friends drinking red wine in late fall.    Once, a great friend’s bracelet slipped through the crack and her boyfriend went diving for it in the icy sea — we all had in nervous giggles as he got down to his underwear and jumped in, thankful it wasn’t us — heroic if you ask me, and yes he found it!

When we have family in the house, and our son has gone to bed, it’s a lovely way to unwind for a bit just the two of us.    I love slipping into something a little more special, and I have always had a place in my heart for a good wrap dressThis one feels particularly amazing on, feminine, classic and great for both day and night (although I would favor it for an all-season date dress).    I was so pleased that I stumbled across the coolest little shop in Edgartown, Slate, where I found this new brand I hadn’t seen before.

Slipping into something special made the evening feel more note-worthy and romantic, I highly recommend!  Other little things we did to enhance the atmosphere were to stop by our favorite gourmet market on the way home and pick up some local cheeses (a lavender and espresso rubbed cows cheese was the highlight), with some incredible French style fresh bread to enjoy them with.  We brought mini votives with us (that were admittedly hard to keep alight), as well as cushions and blankets that we allowed us to stay out talking and enjoy the twilight in comfort – we were rewarded with a wonderful moonrise and the gentle sound of lapping waves.   Hard to beat if you ask me and a must-do for the coming holiday weekend. Xx 

Beach Living Martha's Vineyard Personal Style

Dreamy Routine: Sunset Bike Ride

August 29, 2018

Is there anything more pleasurable than ending a work day outside?  Yesterday we hitched our bikes onto the back of the car and took them up island.   We have a key to the most beautiful, expansive and wild beach.   It’s too far to bike (an all day excursion) with the baby in tow so we got as close as we could, parked and rode the rest of the way.   What a pleasure it is ride on on smooth, quiet roads dappled in the last light of day, only to arrive to a wide-open orange sunset, light warm wind and soft sand so deep your whole foot vanishes with each step.

I bought these jean shorts the day after last in town and haven’t stepped out of them since.   My last pair lasted me six years and finally tore up the leg, but I live in jean shorts in the summer, especially here where beach style is part of the Island culture (in summertime!).    This linen shirt is also a favorite; it was a birthday present from my mother and is a summer staple.  Last, this scarf is just the ticket for transitioning to cooler weather and is an all-season winner, here is a similarly useful one.   Beautiful scarves last forever (if looked after properly) and are always a good idea.

This is one of my favorite views on the island (above and below!).  Once you reach the top of the dune, you can see rolling hills, glowing houses tucked away, and the endless sea — takes my breath away every time.

We stayed until last light before throwing our bikes back on the car and heading to our favorite local store for the best pizza on Island.   Fun ideas for the holiday weekend coming soon….xxxx 

Beach Travel

Bermuda, P1

August 8, 2018

We love Bermuda!    My uncle lives on the Island and we have visited him over the years and have always been blown away by the beauty and splendor of the Island.    We hadn’t done much exploring by land (he has a boat so we do lots of snorkeling and diving off shore) until our last trip four years ago, and so it is a real pleasure to be back with a chance to see new spots and stay in a new place on the Island.    We were delighted by Hamilton Princess’s invitation to come stay at the updated hotel, and can’t wait to share more of what it’s like here.   For now,  I will just quickly fill you in on what we have been doing …

Those of you who follow us on social media might know that we had a big family wedding this past weekend in Southampton, NY.   It was an absolute dream and pleasure to watch my cousin who is also one of my favorite people marry the love of her life.   We spent five days with family and great friends and it was all over too quickly.   How lovely then for us to have this trip to look forward to, our own mini family “honeymoon” if you will.   I know that we travel often, but it is a real treat to be here just the three of us with nothing on the agenda except for rest and relaxation.   Of course I couldn’t resist a quick tour around the Island late yesterday morning as well…

Hamilton Princess couldn’t be more comfortable, and we have been spending lots of time at the beach club as well.  It is well set up for families with lots of toys, a playground, a restaurant which delivers right to your beach chair, and hammocks — a first for our little one!

As soon as we arrived the day before last, we headed out for a quick swim and early evening cocktail on the beach, followed by dinner in front of the harbor at the hotel.   It was a deeply relaxing way to kick off the next three days, and set the tone for the week.

Yesterday, we toured around the island, checking out every beach imaginable before quickly driving through the old village of St. George before sunset.  

Thank you to everybody for the generous recommendations, I look forward to spending even more time here in future so that I can check each one off the list! XX

Beach France Travel

The Magic of Le Club 55

June 6, 2018

Welcome back to my favorite place on earth!    We spoke a lot about Le Club 55 last year during our trip to France but I am hoping to offer some fresh perspective on why this is such a special place.  My uncle Nigel says that one lunch here is a like a week’s vacation — the perfect relaxed atmosphere with loved ones.    I have been coming here since I was very little, my grandparents were friends with the owners and it has always been a place for our family to gather summer after summer.   We spent my grandmother’s last Christmas in France and had her last New Years Eve celebration lunch at this restaurant.   Needless to say, it brings back so many happy memories and always astounds me that year after year, it feels the same: inviting and relaxed.   Of course it comes as no surprise to me that this place seems to keep such a loyal staff (unlike so many similar places in the U.S. with a seasonal turnaround) but it is quite something to see the same faces as when I was a little girl — the photographer, the barmen, etc.  don’t seem to have aged a day and I can still hop up at the beach bar stool and ask for an Orangina or an ice cream.

Above:  the restaurant before the lunch bustle — there are two seatings around 1:30 and 3:00 and lunch goes on for hours.     The entryway path which is lined for privacy and always welcomes you with dappled light and a beautiful breeze. 

It’s also always lovely to invite new friends into the fold and to watch them fall in love, from the breezy path to the beach to a lazy post-lunch snooze in the sun,  everyone we have brought has understood the magic of this place.   Of course the shop is not to be missed; if I could sum up everything I love aesthetically, it would represented by this shop which is so well selected.   Layered textiles, hand-dyed linens, endless fluffy pillows, breezy dresses and the sweetest toys for the littles are just a few of the treasures you will find here.   Beach bags and kaftans are always a hit.  The elegant and laid back vibe of the shop is that which I would love to infuse throughout our lives from the way we dress, decorate and entertain to the way we decide to live, surrounded by beauty and great company in a breathtaking setting.

We have visited other beach clubs on the same beach and nothing compares to 55.

The thatched roof shop and beach bar sit next to one another.   Above you can see the view of the sparkling blue sea from the outside of the store, lined with sarongs and bags, pillows and rugs. 

We end up eating at the beach bar a lot — it’s a casual, relaxed way to approach a visit to 55 without sitting down for a long lunch.   If you’re only going once though, definitely do not miss the restaurant.   At the beach bar, I love the cheese sandwich on baguette — brings me right back to childhood summers and is truly delicious.

Below:  the dock where guests from the boats and the background are dropped — often a celebrity siting here!   And a clearer picture of the sea which is crystal and chilly and so refreshing. 

Rosé flows before and after lunch, “the pink shit” as my friend called it yesterday — made me laugh! 

Here we are heading off to lunch, happy to be here!

This tablecloth and plate combination will always be my favorite because it reminds me of this special place.  Below, a post-lunch group from our first outing and the not to be missed Tarte Tropézienne!

Our little monkey has fallen in love with the beach this summer and spends his time shoveling sand and sticking his toes in the sea.   Here we are before heading home after a leisurely nap under the shade of an umbrella. XXX


Beach Fine Art Home

Caribbean Seas Series: Bedroom Inspiration

September 21, 2017

Some of you might not know that we have a fine art shop!    I have a masters in photography from SCAD, and our regular “job” is photographing weddings, which we absolutely LOVE doing.     Last year, we launched our first fine art series of pink flowers, which did exceptionally well.    These two (here and here) pieces were the most popular and continue to sell regularly…

Off the back of the flowers, we released a few more color profiles, neutrals and hydrangeas.    I particularly love this piece, and this one as well.

I have always ALWAYS loved the beach (I taught sailing in the Caribbean for two summers) and wanted to have pictures of the sea in our home.   We released this Harbor Island series last March, and this St. Barth’s from overhead series in September 2018.    We photographed the St. Barth’s series right before the hurricane hit and devastated the Island, and surrounding Islands, and so for a period of time, we dedicated 100% of the proceeds to hurricane relief.

These pieces are such a fun, fresh way to buy modern, colorful art for your home.   This is the best-seller, and this is my favorite.    Here is a bit of bedroom inspiration!

Shop The Series Here


Beach Fine Art

Fine Art Release: Caribbean Seas

September 20, 2017

Thank you all for your wonderful support yesterday.  We are proud to launch our latest collection of Fine Art photographs that we took in the Caribbean.  It is a project that I have wanted to do for a long time because these Islands mean so much to my husband and me.

We photographed most of this series from a boat.  Because we were living on board, we were acutely aware of the weather. Tropical storm Harvey rolled through, affecting some of the Islands South of us and later strengthening in the gulf and causing so much damage in Texas.  It was already a difficult season for the Caribbean but since we left, it has been a stream of bad news for the Islands.  Somehow, this project of love has become embroiled with these storms.  It seems only appropriate that we donate all of our net proceeds from our sales to the reconstruction of the Islands that we hold so dear.  We are working with charities that are helping sustain and rebuild the worst hit islands.   These charities include Direct Relief, Convoy of Hope, and the BVI Recovery Fund. Or, if you would prefer, we can work with an established aid charity designated by you at the time of purchase. I visited the Caribbean for the first time when I was twelve.   My parents are divorced and my father took me there with my step-mother.  Even though I had flown that distance alone before (I was living on the west coast with my mother), I still remember getting to the airport and being very afraid and anxious.  My mother re-assured me that it would be the most beautiful place I had ever seen, and that I would love it.   As I was shuffled onto the plane, I remember turning back and memorizing her face, I can still see her calm re-assuring smile.

Of course she was right.  When I stepped off the flight into the balmy breezy air I knew that I was somewhere unlike anywhere I had ever been.  The color of the water, the tropical fish, the kindness of the people, I even loved the afternoon storms which would only last a handful of minutes.  I knew I had to spend more time here.   And I did.  I returned when I was 15 to go to a sailing camp.  While other friends were focused on the boys, I couldn’t believe the beauty that lay before me.  I remember the euphoria of the first time I swam to shore and the beach had no foot prints except my own.  I couldn’t believe this type of beauty could for a fleeting moment just be mine.  And on and on…I worked and lived on different Islands during and after college, and my husband, a sailor, did the same.

These photographs are a celebration of color and of beauty but they’re also a celebration of memory.  Intentionally abstract, they are more dreamlike than literal interpretations of the beach and the sea.  They invite emotional, personal response, whether it’s a recollection or a daydream. Perhaps a memory floats by of what it feels like to step into water so warm that you can wade in unflinchingly, or the feeling of salt on your lips or sun so bright you can’t open your eyes but you feel so lucky.   I hope that they allow you to escape for a moment and to find beauty and peace. To view the full collection, click here.

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