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Highlights of 2017!

January 8, 2018

I know I am a bit behind the ball getting this highlights of 2017 post out so late; truth is, I didn’t think to sum up our past year because we have been busy planning for 2018.  I so loved reading everybody else’s round-ups though, and I thought it might be fun to share some of our highlights and unseen footage from this past year, particularly as this year was our first on the blog and it’s great to see…

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Entertaining France Tables

Setting A Coastal Table

June 23, 2017

One of the things I love about being in Europe is the culture of long, leisurely lunches.  When we go to the beach lunch is the main event, lasting anywhere from 2-4 hours, keeping us away from the hottest hours of sun.   It was fun for us to break up days at home with a similarly festive lunch after a morning at the pool.  We even took home from the beach club the tradition of the basket of crudité — a…

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France Style

Lazy Mornings in Lake Pajamas

June 20, 2017

Our last few mornings in France were long, lazy quiet ones.  We were just three in my Grandmother’s house and instead of racing around exploring, we took the time to really relax as a family and enjoy the sunshine, the hum of the cicadas, and leisurely late-morning naps.   When the baby went down for his morning sleep,  Will and I would enjoy our second (or third) cup of coffee, a second breakfast, and play cards or catch up on the computer.  …

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France Tables

Living in France: A Romantic Dinner For Two

June 16, 2017

After several amazing weeks in France and Italy, we have found ourselves fully adjusted to a European way of living.  To us, this means prioritizing atmosphere over convenience.   Once Baby R goes down (hopefully for the night!), there are several hours of beautiful sunlight left.  We have taken to preparing simple meals in a cozy environment — our alternative to going out for “date” night!  I think it’s so easy and lovely to create a romantic dinner for two at home, I know…

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Food France

Morning Bread Run!

June 14, 2017

Every morning we do a morning bread run to pick up fresh pastries and bread for the day.  The baguettes are piping hot and so fresh that they only last until the afternoon.   We always grab regular croissants and either pain au chocolate or almond croissants — so delicious!!  We love our guests to wake up to a breakfast of fresh fruit and patisseries; we didn’t quite manage to go as early as we liked every day this year but…

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Entertaining France Style

Evening Cocktails

June 12, 2017

We’ve had great friends to stay with us the last ten days in France.   My childhood best friend Lizzy and her fiancé Adam, as well as two of our close friends from Charleston, Augusta and Brandon, were in the first round off arrivals.   They were incredible guests — they noticed that we had a lot to manage with the baby and really ended up hosting us which was so spoiling! One evening Augusta set up a cocktail hour…

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