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France Style

Lazy Mornings in Lake Pajamas

June 20, 2017

Our last few mornings in France were long, lazy quiet ones.  We were just three in my Grandmother’s house and instead of racing around exploring, we took the time to really relax as a family and enjoy the sunshine, the hum of the cicadas, and leisurely late-morning naps.   When the baby went down for his morning sleep,  Will and I would enjoy our second (or third) cup of coffee, a second breakfast, and play cards or catch up on the computer.  …

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Entertaining France Style

Evening Cocktails

June 12, 2017

We’ve had great friends to stay with us the last ten days in France.   My childhood best friend Lizzy and her fiancé Adam, as well as two of our close friends from Charleston, Augusta and Brandon, were in the first round off arrivals.   They were incredible guests — they noticed that we had a lot to manage with the baby and really ended up hosting us which was so spoiling! One evening Augusta set up a cocktail hour…

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Style Travel

24 Hours in Portofino, Part 1

June 6, 2017

We had the most amazing time photographing a close friends wedding in Tuscany on Friday.  We knew we would be pretty sleepy after working and playing and so decided to break up our drive back to France with an overnight trip to Portofino.   We splashed out last minute on a night at the Belmond Splendido Mare which was an absolute dream.  Portofino was “full” when we arrived so nobody could get in by car, boat or train.  Because of…

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Photography Style Travel

Photographing in Italy

June 2, 2017

We are currently in Tuscany (staying at the incredible Castello di Casole) for a dear childhood friend’s wedding.   It has been an amazing few days so far; yesterday we explored a nearby town and fortress in the morning, lounged by the pool in the afternoon, and ended with a five hour rehearsal dinner in town with local musicians — it was amazing!  I am also photographing the wedding and can’t wait to show you more of everything — the property, the…

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Food France Style Tables

Breakfast in the Garden

May 31, 2017

We’ve been sleeping a bit less since we arrived due to the baby’s jetlag.  No biggie — honestly I think it will settle soon, he’s getting closer to his schedule back home and he seems to be really enjoying spending time with his young cousins.  Obviously we all feel very lucky to be here.   I take care of him for most of the night and sleep in the morning and Will takes over around 5 a.m.  which means that…

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