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Dreamy Routine: Sunset Bike Ride

August 29, 2018

Is there anything more pleasurable than ending a work day outside?  Yesterday we hitched our bikes onto the back of the car and took them up island.   We have a key to the most beautiful, expansive and wild beach.   It’s too far to bike (an all day excursion) with the baby in tow so we got as close as we could, parked and rode the rest of the way.   What a pleasure it is ride on on smooth, quiet roads dappled in the last light of day, only to arrive to a wide-open orange sunset, light warm wind and soft sand so deep your whole foot vanishes with each step.

I bought these jean shorts the day after last in town and haven’t stepped out of them since.   My last pair lasted me six years and finally tore up the leg, but I live in jean shorts in the summer, especially here where beach style is part of the Island culture (in summertime!).    This linen shirt is also a favorite; it was a birthday present from my mother and is a summer staple.  Last, this scarf is just the ticket for transitioning to cooler weather and is an all-season winner, here is a similarly useful one.   Beautiful scarves last forever (if looked after properly) and are always a good idea.

This is one of my favorite views on the island (above and below!).  Once you reach the top of the dune, you can see rolling hills, glowing houses tucked away, and the endless sea — takes my breath away every time.

We stayed until last light before throwing our bikes back on the car and heading to our favorite local store for the best pizza on Island.   Fun ideas for the holiday weekend coming soon….xxxx 

Food Living Martha's Vineyard Personal Style

Last of Summer Pies

August 28, 2018

I have picked up cooking again.   I took a break — I mean a really long, long break but I’m back, and I am finding it so completely relaxing and pleasurable to focus on feeding my boys.    I’m not quite sure what jump started it, a mix of things I think.   I watched great friends cooking in France with such ease and was reminded of why I loved it.    I keep telling you how much the produce on this Island means to me, but it’s true, I look forward to these ingredients all year.  I also was reminded of this passion which had been dampened in the chaos of life after writing a little piece on my time with Alice Waters last spring.

Last, I have a reading from my cousin’s wedding stuck in my head (it was at the beginning of this month).   Simple, amusing and true, it has stuck with me.  I’m sure that many of you have read it or heard it but just in case, here it is:

  Most of what I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten.  Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sandpile at Sunday school.

These are the things I learned:

Share everything.
Play fair.
Don’t hit people.
Put things back where you found them.
Clean up your own mess.
Don’t take things that aren’t yours.
Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.
Wash your hands before you eat.
Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.

Live a balanced life –
Learn some and think some
And draw and paint and sing and dance
And play and work everyday some.
Take a nap every afternoon.
When you go out into the world,
Watch out for traffic,
Hold hands and stick together.
Be aware of wonder. 

— Robert Fulghum

I bring it up in the context of this post because it seems particularly relevant:  the importance of simple pleasures, doing something just because, doing things with love, supporting neighbors, and the earth, and farmers, and friends, and soaking up the delights of this life, delicious food, company, singing and dancing.   So many of these things happen in or around the kitchen,  and so I am planning to spend some more time in there.  With love, xx

(And for those of you who were anticipating a pie and were given a poem instead, here is an easy one for crumble — I love blueberries and peaches xxx)

Living Martha's Vineyard Style Travel

Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard

August 27, 2018

Martha’s Vineyard is an incredibly special place to me.    I spent my childhood summers coming here, and I met and married my husband Will here.   What a treat it is to carry our love for the Island into the next generation by bringing our son here.   It was the first place outside of home that we took with him when he was only five weeks old.   Needless to say, we love this Island,  and I find that September is the most beautiful month of all: all the joys of the summer without the crowds.   Lucky us then to have two big weddings in the Northeast to shoot this coming month, and to be able to stay at my father’s home in between.   I am so looking forward to showing you more of the Island and why I love it so much in the coming weeks.    It is also such a pleasure to get a jump start on fall: the temperatures are already dipping dramatically at night and I am savoring every bit of it.   For now, we are soaking up the last bit of summer, wild flowers in hand…

Martha’s Vineyard has a wonderful mix of farms, rolling countryside and seaside villages.   My first stop after arriving on Island and saying my hellos is always the farm stands.   I love stocking up on locally grown produce, pies, soaps and flowers, particularly when we’re all together because I love planning for and feeding a group.   We’ve arrived in a transitional period but there are still lots of delicious, ripe tomatoes, peaches, berries and corn.    Apples are right around the corner.    After a good comb through on our first day, we drove up to a point right next to the house just in time to catch the sun set over the sea.   I think you can see that I am very happy:

Edgartown is the most traditional and polished of the three villages and I wanted to show it to you first as I think that it will feel the most familiar to you.    I have not been to Nantucket, but I suspect Edgartown would feel the closest to how it does there.  There are lots of limelight hydrangeas, manicured lawns and dips down to the sea but also several houses and gardens which nod to the English countryside which are my favorite (of course).

But perhaps my favorite part of the Island, and what I find the most magical, are the rolling pastures full of grazing animals which overlook the sea.   Our first full day on Island was spent petting baby goats and lamb (“lammies” as our son calls them) and I know that it will become a regular activity for us while we are here.

That and watching the amazing sunsets from various points on Island…. more soon!  

Happy last week of summer to all.  Here are some similar dresses, and some that I am eyeing for fall at various price points. Xx


Charleston Home Style

My Dream Bed with The New Traditionalists

August 1, 2018

First, I want to apologize for being a bit quiet.    We had friends in town, and then my mother with whom I spent several days buckled down and focused on getting the house in order.   After a busy wedding season this past spring, and then traveling for five weeks, there was a lot of outstanding house organizing that needed to be finished.   We are also finally getting around to really nesting and taking the house to the next level of decorating — from getting some of my late grandmother’s pieces out (like a large Japanese silk screen which now sits in the front hall), to finally dropping fabric for the curtains at the workroom, and things like that… exciting!    Will and I also like to take pause every once in a while to think about the bigger picture for this site, and for our businesses in general; so that is what we have been up to — nothing to scintillating but lots of housekeeping !   Now, onto the more exciting bit….

We were simultaneously thrilled and crushed to have our new bed that we designed in partnership with the New Traditionalists arrive just two days before we left for France.    I was so enamored with it and was so sad to leave it having only had two sleeps but it was one of the real highlights of coming home.

I have been on the hunt for our “adult” bed for many years but couldn’t find the perfect match.   One of the things that attracted me to The New Traditionalists is that the design is influenced by classic silhouettes, exceptional clothing, history and holds the idea that the “traditional” is still very cool (an idea that we of course hold too).   I love that as a customer, you can completely customize the piece, thereby designing something that is very “you”.   In this case, I took this design and made the following changes:   lowered the headboard, covered it in this fabric, squared off the top, made all of the posts square, and opted for a white wash which fits our breezy Charleston bedroom.   One of the coolest things is that they can also match any Benjamin Moore paint color — for a split second I thought about a more wild blue but stuck with the white as I want this bed to ours forever!

By the way, the changes took me a while to decide on, and I was guided through the process in the most lovely and helpful way.   I went to New York to work in the studio with the team in December, it is a very hands on experience and my only regret is that I didn’t go to Connecticut to see the bed being made there.

Last, we threw on some linen sheers from all four corners which makes it all the more cozy….

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity and are looking forward to showing you a bit more of what it looks like in the room as we reveal more of the house.

I love my Over The Moon Pajamas with custom monogram!!!  The whole collection is beautiful and as a converted pajama lover, these are a new favorite and an absolute “must”! xxx

France Style Travel

Crash Course: Guide to St. Tropez

July 20, 2018

As promised here is our St Tropez guide. We have been spending summers in France (St. Tropez) since I was very little.    My earliest memories are of the crowded, hot market, weaving my way through the crowds hand in hand with my older cousin.    We still love to visit the market and I find that in May/June when we visit, it’s far less crowded than it is in mid-August.   Still, I recommend going early if you can, everything is just a bit easier that way.  It is on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7:30-1:30 and is full of lots of delicious food, spices, linens, lavender, soaps, jewelry, clothes, homewares and linens — jackpot!    Here is a little glimpse into what it looks like:

St Tropez guide - Market Day on Tuesdays & Saturday St Tropez guide - spice stand at the market St Tropez guide - market days St Tropez guide - Lucy enjoying the marketLucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Nuts! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - local olives! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Buy Flowers Here!

Market days also make the village very busy, so if I am going to run errands or spend a day in St. Tropez, I tend to avoid those days if I can.    A lot of shops close after lunch, say from 1-4, but they stay open very late which can make for a fun early evening activity.    My favorite clothing shops are:   Des Petite Hauts, LULU, Baar & Bass, Gas Bijoux, By Marie, Zimmermann, BLABLA & Sunday.    There’s also a little shop which says Dupuis 1903 which has great presents (both men & women) and staples for the wardrobe and home.

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Charming Back StreetsLucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Incredible Boutiques!

Inside Baar & Bass (above & below):

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Another Fave Shop!

Shop window of Dupuis 1903:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - essentials! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Get Your Espadrilles Here!

Inside Petite Hauts, below:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Cashmere Shopping! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Une Velo!

A great candle shop on one of my favorite quiet streets in the village above and BLABLA’s storefront below:

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - BlaBla, a great store Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lulu, made for me!

LULU above which sits close to the Dior house & the new Zimmerman St. Tropez HQ!

Besides that, we spend a lot of time wandering through the flowery cobblestone streets, eating tomato sandwiches from street vendors, and ice cream from Barbarac in the port — a must, and it melts quickly!!!  Honestly we eat at the house most of the time so don’t do long dinners in town, but when I was younger we used to go to the Les Caves nightclub — not sure if it’s cool or not anymore but I love a good night of dancing so might be fun regardless!

Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - shopping with ice cream! Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - at the town quay Lucy Cuneo: St Tropez guide - small harbor with big boats

Here I am in the port which is always full of fun boats to look at, I love it when giant wooden sailboats come in! MORE TRAVEL TIPS COMING! XXX

Thank you for following our St Tropez guide.

France Style

Quick Post: My Top 5 Summer Staples

July 19, 2018

I’m not going to lie, I brought a lot of clothes to France this year.   Partly because it was a long trip, but also because I knew that there would be so many events and occasions on which I would wish to wear x or y.   It might have been a bit overkill, and I actually prefer to pack in a more efficient way (lesson learned) because no matter how much I bring with me, I tend to slip into a routine of rotating only a few items most of the time – my summer staples.    For me, this year, it was a handful of one piece bathing suits, my linen trousers, two pairs of shoes, and kaftans.

My top 5 Summer Staples - hanging with Ellie

This soft pink Solid & Striped suit was my most worn (sadly from last season but I found some similar fits below) even though it is old and had previously gone untouched it became one of my summer staples.    Maybe my figure has changed from when I bought it, but I definitely felt my best in it this year and found that I reached for it a lot.    It helped that it went well with my favorite sarong — I have had so many questions about this one;  it is from the 55 store and I am looking for similar ones to stock for this site as I can’t find elsewhere!

My top 5 Summer Staples - most worn bathing suits My top 5 Summer Staples - best suits! My top 5 Summer Staples - these white linen pants!

Next, my high-waisted linen trousers were my go-to bottoms.   I wore them with everything from a white button town (men’s, women’s, you name it), to a white tee shirt, nude top for evening, and of course over all my suits.   I absolutely love these and anything linen for the heat.

My top 5 Summer Staples - worked with everything!

My top 5 Summer Staples - I wore this cover dress a thousand times!

I wore this particular dress about ten thousand times when I was in France, perhaps more than anything.   It was the perfect throw over for any time of day from the market to the beach to a long lunch.   I had to stop myself from wearing it even more than I already had!


My top 5 Summer Staples - these sandals were amazing!

Last, these two pairs of shoes, these sandals and these loafers, along with a handful of espadrilles that I picked up from the market in France, were the only shoes I wore really.    I found that the white loafers were so versatile and a really great purchase for the trip!!   A nice way to upgrade from my normal white sneaker style… XX

My top 5 Summer Staples - So were these white flats!

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