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Holiday Style

Mother’s Day Pressies !!!!!!!

May 3, 2018

I have always loved celebrating my mother on Mother’s Day.   She is my best friend and while I want her to feel spoiled and seen every day, I have made the effort to mark the occasion since I was little.  One year when I was about six I decided to hide her nail scissors and then wrap them up and give them back to her.  Another year I made her a pie (I ate all the crust before I gave…

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Entertaining Home Style

Introducing Collector’s Corner

April 23, 2018

Hi!    Thank you for being patient with us while we took a week away!   It was the first time that we had taken such substantial pause since launching this site just one short year ago.   We photographed a huge wedding with Easton Events, followed next day by a trip to Pensacola, Florida with Garden & Gun and the morning after we returned home, I had surgery!  So, onwards!  We are back with full energy and excitement; with a bit…

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Style Travel

Hi From Florida & Spring Staples

April 11, 2018

Hi!   We kicked off our wedding season last weekend at Palmetto Bluff (three days) with Easton Events.  It was spectacular, such a beautiful day and beautiful family, all around uplifting and life-affirming.   We brought our little baby, really for the fist time and he was so good — slept through the night even with all of us piled in the same room.    I loved every moment of it and was reminded of how emotionally all-encompassing weddings are when you are photographing…

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Charleston Flowers Home Style

Styling Spring Flowers

April 5, 2018

This afternoon was pure bliss.    We had a beautifully sunny start to the day and after sometime at the office, I headed out to pick up some fresh flowers for the house.   The storm clouds rolled overhead just as I stepped inside but the rain was still balmy and warm so I had all of the windows open with a breeze coming through.    I love days like this. I often get asked how I go about selecting flowers…

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Charleston Style

Stepping Into Spring

April 4, 2018

This is my favorite time of year in Charleston.    The days are longer, the sun is shining and it’s not too humid or buggy.   We have been spending every drop of the day that we can outside and are particularly enjoying sitting on our front steps while our son plays with the neighborhood children until the sun goes down.    It was the most glorious day yesterday and I was struggling to sit still in the office so Will…

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Charleston Color Photography Style

How to Prepare For and Execute a Photoshoot

April 3, 2018

Hi!    One of my many goals with this website is to help you learn how to execute your vision.    I really would love to be a resource for you to turn to when you’re learning photography and developing your eye and brand.    Originally, Will and I had just planned to go out and shoot all of the beautiful flowers around town as it looks so incredible right now  (“Charleston in Bloom”)  but, as I spent the morning clarifying the…

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