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Easy Weekend Wear for Fall

September 14, 2018

Sunflower season is upon us and it always reminds me of fall on Martha’s Vineyard.   We had our wedding celebration here on Island 5 years ago at the start of October and our rehearsal dinner celebration was full of bright, glorious sunflowers, red checkered table cloths and apple cider cocktails.   I will see if I can find us that recipe because it was delicious and so suitable and warming.

We are busy prepping the house for Will’s parents who arrive tomorrow.  Fresh flowers are all over the house!  But, this post is really about what an incredible fit this blazer is, and how much I covet a well-fitting blazer because they last season after season. I still have my favorites from high school and my mother can hold onto a good one for 20 years (keep re-lining it) BUT I would like to quickly say two things first:  (1) these are my new favorite jeans and I will explain why in a moment (2) I know that I need to start wearing new shoes, and maybe a new bag, I packed so terribly for this trip and am looking forward to sliding into my trusty loafers and boots, alas they are at home, which is currently off limits for far more important reasons (hurricane). 

Now that we have this out of the way, let’s quickly talk about these jeans because I feel like they are a fantastic discovery and I’d like to tell everybody about them.   I need a high waist.  I have a big bum and a smaller tummy and if I wear low waisted jeans my underwear always hang out.  I have relied on Citizens since I was in high school.   I have been looking for a slim fit, high-waist but not too tight on the ankle pair, with NO holes and these are truly perfect, so comfortable, slimming and secure.   Those of you who follow our style posts know that I love a pair of rippy jeans but I prefer a clean cut, neater pair for fall and winter wear…a bit more elegant ;).  I also feel like jeans are a staple that you don’t need many pairs of and if they make you feel great, then they’re worth it.

This jacket is the prettiest shade of deep olive green, and fits like a glove (I am wearing a 6).   It’s perfect for weekend wear, work, layering up with cashmere scarves and sweaters and turtle necks and white button downs — an all in all fantastic piece which feels simultaneously smart and sexy — a win win!   Last, I love wearing an outfit like this on the weekend which makes me feel feminine and put together, especially when strolling polished charming streets exploring, picking up flowers, coffee and treats.

Martha's Vineyard Style

The Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall

September 13, 2018

I recently discovered a new brand of jeans and was already excited about how comfortable they were when I stumbled upon these velvet ones (I am wearing the Emerald) by the same company at one of my favorite shops on Martha’s Vineyard.   These deep dark green are the perfect velvet trousers for fall and winter and are a great day to evening pair.   I also love the navy version which is a very rich and dark blue.   They are soft, stretchy and so easy to wear with this blouse, white button down and heels for work, or cozy creamy sweater (alternative here) for weekend wear.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - At The BeachPerfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - On the Beach

I definitely favor dresses and skirts, and so prioritize comfort when it comes to any trousers.   I look for a high or mid-rise waist, maximum flexibility, a slimming cut, and not too tight on the bottom near the ankle — these hit all the marks, and that’s not easy to do for me.  It was such a comfortable combination with this billowy, feminine top which wore perfectly in the low 70’s weather.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - On the Dock!
Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Relaxing On My Favorite Dock

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - At The Club

I’m straddling the seasons here with my basket bag and espadrilles but could easily swap them out for loafers or knee-high boots and a blush or chocolatey leather handbag.   As I build my “adult” wardrobe, I focus on great seasonal pieces which are versatile and timeless.  I have been wearing velvet trousers my whole life, they will never go out of style.

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Relaxing At The Club
Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall - Also This Top!

Perfect Velvet Trousers for Fall

Martha's Vineyard Style

Perfect End of Summer Sweater

September 5, 2018

And just like that, the Island is quiet and a cooler breeze has picked up.    The towns have cleared out after the holiday weekend, shops and cafes are closing for the season, and the house feels particularly still without my father’s family and the dog, Buster.  It is still blissful weather and it was lovely to be able to throw on an easy, light cashmere sweater over my dress today on our afternoon work break walk around town.

I have talked about my love for sweaters here before and I will say again that they are my absolute favorite — nothing beats a cozy, comforting sweater.   I collect light cashmere sweaters which are easy to layer under heavier cardigans and coats, but also make for the best transitional pieces, especially when they are in these pastel hues of soft lavender, blush, cream and baby blue (see some selects at the bottom of the post).   I found this one last weekend while I was snorkeling around shops with my cousin who came up for the holiday weekend.   I love how soft it is, and that this looser cut would fit easily over a white button down— my fall uniform.  I also favor a round neck over a v-neck — just personal preference.

It’s hard to resist capturing the last of the summer flowers on all of these beautiful houses in Edgartown.   On our drive back to the house I could see the first leaves on the ground.   We are off to Southampton, NY for a big wedding we are photographing this weekend and I have a feeling that when we get back, these gardens will look very different!  Looking forward to documenting it all…xxx


Martha's Vineyard Style

Weekly Roundup: August 27th-31st

August 31, 2018





It has been a week of cut off denim shorts and easy summer dresses paired with espadrille slides, white sneakers or my favorite wedges.    This blue flowy dress was the highlight of the week and I am including some similar pieces to those which are now out of stock.  I have also included a few beauty products which I am currently re-stocking because I love them so much.

Hope everybody has fun plans for this holiday weekend, we are having a dinner party for twelve on Saturday night and will be sharing behind the scenes as well as daily Martha’s Vineyard inspiration on Instagram stories.  Xx Lucy


Beach Entertaining Family Living Martha's Vineyard Style

Romance by the Sea

August 30, 2018

I love this dock, and being by the sea, in all weather.   We have spent many summer nights here gazing at the stars and cozy freezing nights snuggled up under what feels like a thousand blankets with friends drinking red wine in late fall.    Once, a great friend’s bracelet slipped through the crack and her boyfriend went diving for it in the icy sea — we all had in nervous giggles as he got down to his underwear and jumped in, thankful it wasn’t us — heroic if you ask me, and yes he found it!

When we have family in the house, and our son has gone to bed, it’s a lovely way to unwind for a bit just the two of us.    I love slipping into something a little more special, and I have always had a place in my heart for a good wrap dressThis one feels particularly amazing on, feminine, classic and great for both day and night (although I would favor it for an all-season date dress).    I was so pleased that I stumbled across the coolest little shop in Edgartown, Slate, where I found this new brand I hadn’t seen before.

Slipping into something special made the evening feel more note-worthy and romantic, I highly recommend!  Other little things we did to enhance the atmosphere were to stop by our favorite gourmet market on the way home and pick up some local cheeses (a lavender and espresso rubbed cows cheese was the highlight), with some incredible French style fresh bread to enjoy them with.  We brought mini votives with us (that were admittedly hard to keep alight), as well as cushions and blankets that we allowed us to stay out talking and enjoy the twilight in comfort – we were rewarded with a wonderful moonrise and the gentle sound of lapping waves.   Hard to beat if you ask me and a must-do for the coming holiday weekend. Xx 

Beach Living Martha's Vineyard Personal Style

Dreamy Routine: Sunset Bike Ride

August 29, 2018

Is there anything more pleasurable than ending a work day outside?  Yesterday we hitched our bikes onto the back of the car and took them up island.   We have a key to the most beautiful, expansive and wild beach.   It’s too far to bike (an all day excursion) with the baby in tow so we got as close as we could, parked and rode the rest of the way.   What a pleasure it is ride on on smooth, quiet roads dappled in the last light of day, only to arrive to a wide-open orange sunset, light warm wind and soft sand so deep your whole foot vanishes with each step.

I bought these jean shorts the day after last in town and haven’t stepped out of them since.   My last pair lasted me six years and finally tore up the leg, but I live in jean shorts in the summer, especially here where beach style is part of the Island culture (in summertime!).    This linen shirt is also a favorite; it was a birthday present from my mother and is a summer staple.  Last, this scarf is just the ticket for transitioning to cooler weather and is an all-season winner, here is a similarly useful one.   Beautiful scarves last forever (if looked after properly) and are always a good idea.

This is one of my favorite views on the island (above and below!).  Once you reach the top of the dune, you can see rolling hills, glowing houses tucked away, and the endless sea — takes my breath away every time.

We stayed until last light before throwing our bikes back on the car and heading to our favorite local store for the best pizza on Island.   Fun ideas for the holiday weekend coming soon….xxxx 

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