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    Classic Fall Style with Brooks Brothers

    October 10, 2018

    About a month ago, a few people asked me if I could come up with a capsule wardrobe.    I have been working on it, and I find it surprisingly challenging for my disorganized brain (it’s just not the way it works!!) but, it did get me thinking about elegant wardrobe staples and how critical those are in helping one pop out the door feeling pulled together quickly.   For me, those staples are a tailored white button down (and I like to keep several of the same shirt so a few are always in rotation, ironed and hung up in the closet), a timeless camel hair blazer and cashmere which lasts season after season.   In steps Brooks Brothers, an iconic American company with phenomenal quality and classic pieces.


    I have been on the hunt for a white shirt for my “uniform” since the ones that I was collecting before are no longer being made.   I have been holding onto them until their last thread but am pleased to report that I have found my new everyday shirt here.  This one is crisp, classic and fitted in the right places without pulling across the chest (I am a size 4).   The sleeves are great length and have pretty detail.  I have been advised by the Brooks Brothers team that the one I am wearing here is great for this type of look, and this one is even better for wearing underneath a sweater because it has the perfect crisp collar — so good to know!

    A camel jacket is inherently versatile, timeless and warm.  I really like the weight of this one, which feels like it would be in your closet forever.   It suits well over the white button down and jeans, as well as draped or worn over a sweater for cooler weather.  This style is enduring, can be worn at any age and is the epitome of American elegance.    I particularly love it over this monochromatic outfit of burgundy ankle-length cords and these leather wingtips which brings in a of “cool” masculine/feminine vibe.  Of course, the white shirt would look great as a swap for the turtleneck on cooler days.  And, I also love this jacket (checked twill) as well as this plaid-wool one.   Saddle bag linked here! Xx

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