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Welcoming New Readers: Top 15 Posts

March 28, 2018

Hi All!     We’re in the middle of printing/framing our latest fine art series which will debut next week, so exciting!   We are having a show here in Charleston for the entire month of April at my favorite showroom, Fritz Porter.   It is a great honor and I will be sharing more details shortly but in the meantime, I thought I would share a quick round up of some of my favorite posts of all time 🙂   I know that a lot of you are new-er readers so I wanted to point you towards some older pieces which I feel are a great representation of what we’re up to here on the site.

To set the tone, we have a few dreamy lifestyle posts, like breakfast in the garden in France, and the Morning Bread RunDinners in France is a favorite;  I also love this post from when Will and I set up a cozy, romantic picnic on our dock on Martha’s Vineyard (where we had our first date!).     These posts are a place to get lost and let your mind wander, they’re really just for the pure pleasure of looking at pretty settings.

Six Things You Might Not Know About Us is a good place to go next if you’re wondering who we are!

We have some more in depth posts which are designed to be more useful.   Our round up of our favorite photography tips & tricks is one of our most popular posts, and I think this one on editing for brand consistency is relevant.    Our most recent one on setting up excellent mood boards is a favorite, too.  Here’s a post on some of my favorite Charleston streets, not to be missed.

A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting is also a more robust post not on the topic of photography, and we’re introducing more guides to the site in the coming months, like a guide to entertaining, etc.    A quick but similar post on setting up a guest room is here.

While we’re on the topic of entertaining, setting the table for guests is one of my favorite things to do (and was my first business when I was a teenager!).      This one is from years ago but remains as my favorite of all time because I was collaborating with my dear friend Anne who is the most phenomenal florist and my creative partner in crime.    I also love this over the top table we did for Matouk (and actually got to enjoy with great friends until late into the night, although that’s not pictured — soon to be fixed, we’re planning to feature more other people!).   This Valentine’s table is a favorite, as is this tropical summer table.

And a few final favorites, like a quick post from our trip to St. Barth’s last August, a post on summer style and I couldn’t forget to show you my favorite store on earth, which I can’t wait to get back to this summer! xxx